The Chatham County Police Department has exciting career opportunities available for diligent, motivated and committed law enforcement professionals. If you are pursuing a career that offers challenging work in a rewarding environment and an opportunity to serve the community while preventing and fighting crime, CCPD is looking for you. We pride ourselves on courage, honor, integrity and compassion. Apply today and become a part of what makes CCPD great!

The CCPD provides a wide range of police services for its residents and is a highly motivated, professional organization that embraces the Community Oriented Policing philosophy. The department is committed to building relationships of mutual trust and takes a leadership role in building community partnerships to improve the culture of the safety in the workplace and within the community.

Served from precincts at Whitefield, West Chatham and the Islands, we take great pride in partnering with our citizens and collaborating with a diverse array of businesses, universities and other government entities. Operating under the Commission-Manager form of local government, Chatham County has 1600 diverse, energetic and excited team members working in 34 departments providing professional services.

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Compensation & Benefits

Compensation Rates

Police Officer
Salary: $51,024.00 – $81,638.00
Signing Bonus: $2,000 signing bonus for qualified candidates hired at the Police Officer rank only. Signing bonus requires a one (1) year service commitment with a signed agreement. Voluntary separation within one (1) year of employment will require signing bonus reimbursement.

Police Officer Recruit
Salary: $43,571.00 (Upon completion of the Police Academy and being sworn in as a Police Officer, salary immediately increases to $51,024.00)

Benefits Package

With an excellent comprehensive benefits package, competitive salaries and opportunities for growth and development, Chatham County government is the employer of choice for professionals from across the country.

Group Health & Life Insurance
Health Insurance - Blue Cross Blue Shield

Chatham County Employee Health Center for health plan participants
The Chatham County Employee Health Center provides high-quality healthcare services at no cost to County employees enrolled in medical insurance coverage.

Dental and Vision Insurance
Dental- United Concordia Dental: High and Low Options
Vision- Blue Cross Blue Shield

Retirement Plan
Employee contributes 3.5% of gross income. Retirement benefits based on annual salary, years of credited service and/or age

Deferred Compensation (457 Plan)
Supplemental retirement program that allows you to reduce your current income taxes while boosting your retirement savings (portable)

Accrual of Sick & Annual Leave
15 days per year sick leave; 12 days per year annual leave (first 2 years). Increases with years of service

Paid Holidays
12 Paid Holidays per year

Longevity Pay
$500 after 5 years of service (increases in increments of 5 years)

Credit Union
Eligibility for membership in the full service Georgia’s Own Credit Union.  Checking and savings through payroll deduction

Flexible Spending Accounts
A Special benefit account that allows participants to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for certain types of expenses

County sponsored benefit for employees with confidential, free, voluntary help in dealing with personal problems that pose a threat to health, well-being, and work

Wellness Program
Chatham County is committed to providing programs that support employee efforts to lead healthier lives, the Chatham Health-Points Program offers a way to help you reach your goals and be rewarded for it.

Dry Cleaning
The Department provides free dry cleaning services for sworn officers' uniforms and professional attire.

Hiring Process

Chatham County Police Department is seeking a wide range of certified and non-certified applicants to reflect the diversity of the county’s community. Chatham County Police Department is firmly committed to the selection of the most qualified applicant for each and every vacant position. The hiring process is comprehensive and multi-faceted and may consist of the following steps:

Please review the application instructions and information listed below.

Oral Interview
Conducted by a panel of sworn and/or civilian personnel to assess your personal accomplishments, job motivation, interpersonal skills, continuous learning orientation and oral communication. Candidates that pass the oral interview will be scheduled for further testing.

Georgia Peace Officer Entrance Examination (Police Officer Recruit Only)
Applicants who are NOT GA POST Certified must pass the POST Entrance Exam to be considered for Law Enforcement positions. The ASSET and COMPASS exams are the official POST Entrance Exams for law enforcement candidates. The ASSET and COMPASS exams are administered through the Technical College System of Georgia at various Technical Colleges throughout Georgia. The ACCUPLACER test is also an official POST Entrance Exam for law enforcement candidates. The ACCUPLACER test is administered through the Technical College System of Georgia at various Technical Colleges throughout Georgia. The ACCUPLACER test is a computer-based exam that provides immediate results. This test measures reading, writing and numerical skills.

Personal History Statement
The Personal History Statement is a required component of the hiring process and allows the Department to conduct a thorough background investigation and evaluate the suitability of your candidacy. If you are referred from the oral interview stage, you will be instructed to fill out the Personal History Statement.

The Polygraph examination is conducted to confirm information obtained from your application and the hiring process. Please review the background standards listed below.

Background Investigation
The background investigator will verify documents and information obtained through your application and personal history statement to ensure all personal information is correct and accurate. The investigator will check employment history and records associated with police, financial institutions, educational organizations and the United States Armed Forces. Interviews with family members, neighbors, supervisors, co-workers, and friends will also be conducted.

Physical Agility Test
The Physical Agility Test consists of:

  • Vertical Jump of 13 Inches
  • Agility Run within 17 Seconds
  • 1 minute sit-up with 27 Reps
  • 300 Meter Run in 75 Seconds
  • 1 minute push-up with 21 Reps

Medical Examination
The Medical Evaluation is a thorough examination to ensure the candidate is in excellent health, with no restrictions, to safely perform the duties and responsibilities of a professional law enforcement officer.

Psychological Examination
The pre-employment psychological screening evaluates a number of personality traits to help formulate an opinion about whether or not a candidate is suitable for employment as a law enforcement officer. The Psychological Evaluation consists of an oral interview with a psychologist and completing several multiple-choice personality assessments. Plan to spend several hours completing these surveys.

Drug Screening

Out-of-State Certified Officers
Equivalency of Training (EOT) via Georgia Post –

Out-of-State Certified Officers can apply and go through the hiring process while waiting on their application to be GA Post approved. Once approved, and after meeting the agency’s hiring standards, the applicant will receive a conditional officer. If the out-of-state certified officer is hired, the agency will assist the applicant with obtaining the required courses and Georgia’s standard qualification course for firearms requalification.

Background Standards

The following situations WILL PROHIBIT an applicant from serving as a Law Enforcement Officer:

  • Conviction in any Court of a felony offense
  • Conviction in any Court of a drug related offense
  • Any medical, physical or mental condition which would prevent an applicant from satisfactorily performing assigned duties or complying with regulations of the Georgia P.O.S.T. Council.
  • An applicant under P.O.S.T. review/investigation cannot submit an application until cleared by P.O.S.T.
  • A military discharge other than Honorable
  • Not a citizen of the United States of America

The following situations MAY prohibit an applicant from serving as a Law Enforcement Officer:

  • Any plea of criminal action in any court
  • Seven (7) or more points accumulated against drivers’ record at time of application

An applicant who has received an official pardon or similar action for any offense or applicable condition as stated above is not obligated to disclose the offense or condition in the application. If, however, during the course of a background investigation, facts are discovered regarding the offense or condition, the applicant may be required to produce proof of such pardon or action to remain in consideration for employment.

For further background standards information, please click here.

Application Instructions and Information

An investigation will be conducted by the Chatham County Police Department based on the information you provide in the application. It is critical that you fill out the application completely, truthfully and accurately. If at any point during the background investigation or thereafter it is found that you misrepresented, deliberately omitted or falsified any information, you will be immediately disqualified from further consideration. It is imperative that you list any convictions to include a finding or a verdict of guilt or a plea of guilty and a plea of nolo contendere in a criminal proceeding, regardless of whether the judgment of guilt or sentence is withheld or not entered thereon. This includes first offenders (Georgia State Law 35-8-7.1). Do not leave any blanks on the application. If an item does not apply, write N/A.


  • You must complete an online application.
  • Remember to save your e-mail address and assigned PIN number when you create an account for future access.
  • Applicants can apply anytime (day or night) during the job advertisement period.
  • Applicant information will be saved after the application is submitted.
  • Human Resources Staff will be available during office hours to assist with questions.

Application Documents
The following documents may be required prior to your employment. If you choose to do so, you may upload the documents to the application system in a clear and legible format before submitting your application. Documents not submitted with your application may be required at a later date.

  • Birth Certificate (copy with appropriate seal)
  • High School Diploma or GED (Copy)
  • College Transcripts (if applicable)
  • Social Security Card (Copy)
  • DD-214, Member 4 Long Form (if applicable), showing character of service (Copy)
  • 7 Year Driving History (Original Certified Copy of the Driver's History. Must be provided at your expense)
  • Valid Driver’s License (Copy)
  • Georgia P.O.S.T. Certification bearing your certification number, if applicable (Copy)
  • Final Court Disposition for all criminal offenses, if applicable (Original/Copy accepted)
  • Letter of Good Standing from former Department (only if previously employed as a Peace Officer for a department out of state)

Miscellaneous Information

Shift Schedule Information

  • 12 Hour Shifts
  • 3 days on – 2 days off
    2 days on – 3 days off
  • 7 days worked over a two week period
  • Every other weekend off
  • Rotation between day and night shift will occur every 6 weeks
  • 4 Watches

Take Home Car Policy

  • Each Officer is permitted a take home vehicle
  • Officers may drive their take home vehicle to place of residence during off-duty hours provided they live in Chatham County or within 26 (driving) miles of the Chatham County line. There is a Georgia residency requirement.