The Office of Professional Standards (OPS) reports directly to the Chief of Police. The purpose of the OPS is to ensure the police department demonstrates 21st Century Policing practices and exhibits the core values of the organization to the community we serve. As an agency, we are constantly monitoring and improving our services through complaint investigations, staff inspections, audits, and revisions to our department policies and procedures. Adherence to our fundamental beliefs, performance standards and community oriented policing philosophy is expected by all members of the department.

The OPS is comprised of the Internal Affairs, Recruiting and Training Units. The office also manages off-duty employment, pre-employment background investigations, and is involved in the approval process for County permits and licenses.

Internal Affairs

The primary functions of this unit is to investigate serious allegations of misconduct against employees of the Chatham County Police Department. The office reviews, investigates and maintains all complaints. Other duties include staff inspections, audits, review of vehicle accidents/pursuits and use of force incidents. These assigned tasks are closely monitored and studied to determine any patterns or trends of misconduct or policy violations. If the data reflects a pattern or trend, the Training Unit will design and implement the required curriculum to ensure employees are trained on those specific violations.

Generally, it is the responsibility of the first line supervisor to investigate minor complaints involving their personnel. Inquiries that are minor in nature can be resolved without a formal process to identify a resolution to the inquiry.

Complaints can be made in person, by phone, letter, e-mail or anonymously at any County police department facility.

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Complaint Information Brochure


The goal of this unit is to recruit the best and the brightest candidates who are qualified for a career with the Chatham County Police Department. The recruiter works closely with the County's Human Resource Department to develop and implement recruiting plans and strategies designed to fulfill the department's staffing needs. The recruiter attends community events, job/career fairs and is responsible for advertising/marketing programs. The recruiter is responsible for the department's hiring process.

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The Training Unit is responsible for the development, implementation, management and evaluation of training programs to ensure that all personnel are highly qualified and well trained to perform their duties. The unit is responsible for police recruits, leadership development and career path training to better organize and prepare employees for their respective duties and responsibilities. Police instructors may provide roll-call and/or in-service training for sworn and non-sworn personnel. These topics may include policy updates, "refresher" instruction on subjects learned in the academy or tactics adopted by the agency. The unit maintains training records for all employees and is responsible for developing and sustaining strong interagency relationships with the Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC) and other law enforcement agencies.

Office of Professional Standards
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